Oh, to know acceptance
In a feeling sort of way;
To be known for what I am–
Not what I do or say.

It’s nice to be loved and wanted
For the person I seem to be,
But my heart cries out to be loved
For the person who is really me!

To be able to drop all the fronts
And share with another my fears,
Would bring such relief to my soul,
Though accompanied by many tears.

When I find this can be done
Without the pain of rejection,
Then will my joy be complete
And feelings toward self know correction.

The path to feeling acceptance of God
Is paved with acceptance on Earth;
Being valued by others I love
Enhances my own feeling of worth.

Oh, the release and freedom He gives
As I behold His wonderful face–
As Jesus makes real my acceptance in Him,
And I learn the true meaning of grace.

A pity it is that so late we find
His love need not be earned;
As we yield to Him all manner of strife
A precious truth has been learned.

Then, as we share with others who search
For love, acceptance, and rest;
They’ll find in us the Saviour’s love.
And experience the end of their quest.

(Copyright © 1996-98 Grace Fellowship International )

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