Beneath the Cross of Jesus

The magnetism of the cross still holds … yet it repels. The cross of Jesus woos some to salvation, warns others of judgment. We do well to come to terms with this paradox of Calvary, both in our evangelism and in ourselves. For the explanation lies in the difference in people.

For some, light-hearted, unconcerned, the cross MUST be repulsive, irrelevant, unwanted, a stark reminder of all that darker side of life from which most modern people resolutely turn away. Not all our new techniques of evangelistic approach can ever make the passion of our Lord a popular theme. To the crowd, it still is “folly.”

But for others, hungering and thirsting after righteousness, in earnest about life and realistic about death, in whose hearts deep thought and dark experience have sharpened understanding, Calvary is the fountain of worship, the hope of the world, the spearhead of the Christian message, the motive of sublimest character, the soul’s deepest comfort, the heart’s only legitimate pride.

Thus in His death the Master sifts the hearts of men. Beneath His cross the paths divide. Some, repelled, hurry away with scornful smile, or angry frown, or uneasy mind: others remain to wonder, to worship, and to pray. Either way the cross provokes response. What shall be ours?

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