Do You Have A Homeland As Your Only Security? (Part 1)

Though we are all terminal, only since 9/11 do we have to contemplate our lives being terminated by senseless killings in what has always been a secure country. Our president and the Department of Homeland Security have put us on notice that weapons of mass destruction could be unleashed upon us at any time as can wanton attacks on our infrastructure.

Not since the Civil War have we faced loss of life and property becoming a way of life–and death! “One nation under God” has become one nation under humanism with the Bible and absolutes being derided; we have forfeited the protection of Holy God by doing our own thing for our own comfort. While we were shocked and shaken temporarily by the World Trade Center attack, we have returned to our lethargy and complacency, sprinkled with benign “moments of silence” and an occasional “God bless America” sign.

Business as usual is yet the prevailing attitude of our country and all too many of our churches. But businesses are not reporting the usual business. Since Homeland Security cannot guarantee the former secure mode of living, it is time that we look beyond this world for the only security. However, that requires that we make preparation for the Homeland that has been prepared for us by the God of the Universe. It is to this preparation that this message is addressed.

Have you made such preparation? Absent that preparation, there is a default homeland which is separation from God eternally, biblically called “Hell.” Each of us is born in Adam, with the default homeland as our sure destination. On the other hand, the Lord Jesus has gone to prepare a Homeland for those who know Him (John 14:1-3) and which is the only security in an insecure world.

The following poem summarizes the two lives and destinations and the necessary preparation for security that is eternal:


God saw his creation “. . .and,
Behold, it was very good”; 1
Adam and Eve in the Garden
Could eat what they would. 2
But one tree in the garden 3
Whose fruit was appealing, 4
Would make them like gods–
Good and evil revealing. 5

The serpent was wily 6
And Eve was deceived; 7
She listened to reason, 8
And a lie was believed. 9
She gave to her husband, 10
Both being undressed; 11
He knowingly ate of the tree 12
And, thereby, transgressed.

Their eyes being opened, 13
Now, they knew shame; 14
While they were in hiding, 15
God called Adam’s name. 16
His guilt came between them,
And his wife did accuse; 17
She blamed the serpent, 18
But Adam did sin choose.

Sin’s penalty was death, 19
And to God he died;
Into Satan’s family born, 20
He now battled with pride.
Adam’s children were born
With the nature of sin; 21
We, his children, at birth 22
Have that nature within.

From a tree came sin; 23
From sin came death. 24
Born dead in our sin, 25
We need the Spirit’s breath.
From a tree comes life
As our sin debt was paid; 26
The last Adam, our Lord Jesus, 27
Reconciliation has made. 28

Out of Adam’s life He took us; 29
In Christ’s life He placed us. 30
Though we were condemned, 31
With glory He has graced us.
Since we are one with him, 32
We enjoy sweet communion; 33
Being crucified with Christ 34
Our spirits now know union. 35

Since He died to sin, 36
And we, in Him, died too; 37
We can know our old man died, 38
And He bids us reckon it true. 39
Crucified, buried and raised– 40
At His right hand we are seated; 41
We have entered into rest– 42
Redemption has been completed. 4

Are you yet, my friend, in Adam–
Needing a second birth? Or, 44
Having been born into Christ, 45
Do you know your worth? 46
In either case, the answer
Is to come to Him for rest. 47
You lose your life to save it 48
And, in Him, are truly blessed. 49

Salvation Prayer

If you are tired of the anguish that results from doing things your way, Christ will free you if you will sincerely commit yourself to let Him have His way.

If you have never accepted Christ as your personal Savior, your first need is to let God create you anew by giving you spiritual rebirth. You can be born again if you can honestly pray like this: “Heavenly Father, I have seen that I am a sinner, still in the life of Adam, and that I have committed sins. I believe you sent your only Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to die in my place for my sins. I also believe He rose again and now lives, and right now I receive Him into my spirit as my Savior. I surrender all that I am, all I have, and all I shall be to You. I turn from my sins and my selfish ways to live my new life in Christ. Thank you for saving me for Jesus’ sake. Amen.”

Do You have a Homeland as Your Only Security?


Grace Notes: vol. 5 #12, March 21, 2003


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